New year, update on writing

All right everyone, hope y’all had a good new year! As for me, school’s going to start up again soon, and I think it’s only fair I give everyone a quick update on how my schedule is going to work.

For Chidetan Odyssey, I’m going to go back to my bi-weekly schedule, using the first week to write up a long outline and plan it out, and the second week to write the actual chapter and proofread. Since it’s the beginning of the school year, school shouldn’t interfere too much, especially since this quarter is rather light for me.

As for Congeria, I’m going to write a chapter for that whenever I have free time. Sometimes I overplan for a chapter of Chidetan and end up having a free week since I have the outline already done. So for those weeks, I’ll write another chapter for Congeria, possibly even starting a few new short storylines.

That’ll be now, and make sure to follow this blog via email for any updates! Have a good 2018!



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