Hiatus on Chidetan Odyssey

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been running into numerous issues. Stress and anxiety that stems from trying to do well in school and writing, which leads to insomnia which leads to more stress and anxiety. I’ve struggled to try and sit down and write with a clear mind but my head is too muddled with too many problems. A lack of exposure or any reader interaction is seriously dragging me down when it comes to trying to continue on Chidetan. What good is a writer when nobody reads his work? Perhaps there are dedicated readers silently enjoying what I write, but I am not sure at all. Atop of trying to overcome that motivational hurdle, school comes in. I’ve been having a hard time this quarter in college, and struggling in a few classes in particular, adding more pressure to try and succeed there. Those two major issues compound into several sleepless nights and days full of naps, drowsiness, and general unproductiveness.

I want to state that I do love writing, it’s probably the only thing in life I really love. I spent several moments of my life writing various original stories, worlds, characters, and so forth with varying wildly in quality. It wasn’t until around four years ago that I sat down and started studying books intensely to try and find out how to structure proper narratives, characters, and how to write it all down properly so the reader can enjoy it. I’m always happy and proud of my work, yet I always strive to find better ways to word things better or write characters to be more relatable. Yet that proudness and happiness is undercut severely whenever I find silence in response to what I write.

All of these issues and feelings kept building up and building up and now I think I’m at my breaking point, so for the time being, for the few silent readers who do care and enjoy Chidetan Odyssey or for potential newcomers, I need to go on hiatus. School is hard enough, and worrying to try and get Chidetan out on time for so few readers puts more pressure on me than I can take. I’m not sure when I’ll continue this, but it’ll be when my mood has improved, when I’m getting better sleep, and school is less hectic.

Bless all of you who read my work, honestly. If you could do me a favor, it would be nice to hear the few of you speak out, what you like, what you dislike about my work. Every bit of praise and proper critique helps me, because it lets me know that others care about my work. The same goes for all potential readers. If you love my work, have things to say about it, want to question where it could go, please, say it. I want to hear what others think about my work. Please, commenting and sharing matters massively to me as an author, because I want to find those who care about my writing so I can continue writing wonderful stories for them.


Thank you

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