Writing Schedule

All right, so I think I should put up a brief schedule of my plans for the time being, since there’s a lot I need to do and I don’t wanna keep you all in the dark while I’m busy with life and writing, so

For starters, first I’m going to work on the Chidetan Odyssey revisions for chapters 6-11. These shouldn’t take too long, will probably take a day per chapter, and I will update them so.

Once all revisions are done, I plan on re-writing a short story, namely Tales from Congeria: Scott and Ferra. It’s been a while and I mostly wrote that story on a whim, so I would love to take the time to improve it as I develop Congeria more and more in the background

Lastly, I have plans for a brand new short story later on down the line.

Once I’ve finished that short story, I’ll re-update my schedule so you all know what to expect. Thanks for sticking around!

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