Re-writing Congeria

Happy 2020 everyone, hope you all are handling the year well.

I’ve been returning to writing bit by bit, and as of late I plan on returning to Congeria, namely starting and finishing Joy and Simon’s story first. Though re-reading it, I realize there’s a lot I want to change, to make more consistent for future plans, and brush up since my skills have improved over the past few years.
Of course, I’ll keep the older chapters still available under an archive section, but when I return, I hope to get Joy and Simon’s story off to a fresh, engaging start. For those who still stuck around, thank you for reading, and hope all goes well.

Update once more

Happy 2020 everyone!

I’m sorry for my lack of writing as of late… I’ve hit some serious humps in almost every area when it comes to my own writing. I’m working a second job, I’m finding myself at a terrible loss of motivation, my depression is hitting hard, and much more going on. I barely have any time to think of what to write, let alone the motivation to continue.

I’ve still renewed the payment for the site so everyone can still browse it ad-free, but I’m not sure if I’ll put anything new up anytime soon. If any of you do want to see more, please do speak up! Feedback of any kind is too few and far between, and I do seriously appreciate any bit of vocal enjoyment of my work. It helps motivate me a lot

Take care, and hope you all have a good decade!

Joy and Simon – Chapter 1.5

Authors note: this is mostly just a kinda exercise chapter that I did just to have fun with Joy’s character and get back in a writing kinda groove. So if you want to enjoy it, feel free to enjoy it

Joy sighed as she let a pen roll out of her hands. She had arrived at the recruitment center only around the afternoon, and already the sun had set. Her sprint to and from had barely burnt any energy, and passing Simon’s test only bolstered her excitement. She stood up from her desk, walking into her living room.

She hurried over to her weight bench and loaded up a barbell with the heaviest plates she had, around four hundred pounds. Not even bothering to lie down, she easily lifted the weights with one arm, curling it. To her dismay, she felt nothing, and placed it back on the rack. Looking around, she noticed the bent plate lying on the floor. She smirked.

Maybe I can improvise something.

She hurried back to her office, booting up her computer.

The night air was cool, a nice change of setting for Joy, as she jogged towards a scrapyard not too far off. Despite the time, the streets of Romitum still retained their liveliness. Significantly less people were walking, but several cars still drove fast down the well lit streets, many shops and apartment complexes still lit up to onlookers. The lighting of the shops eventually died out as she entered the outskirts of one of the many industrial districts. Compared to the inner city, it was much more quiet. Trucks were pulling out of lots and heading from where she came, and very few lights were left on. Only the faint sound of heavy machinery could be heard in the distance as she continued her jog.

Eventually, she skidded to a halt, arriving right outside of a chainlink fence. A local Romitum scrapyard. All of it would be melted down and re-processed, so she had a good feeling nobody would mind if some of it went missing. Pulling out a flashlight, she easily climbed over the fence, lighting it up and navigating through the maze of metal. Girders, steel bars, broken down cars, old appliances, and so much more surrounded her as she grinned at the sight. Keeping her blessing in mind, the entire place made her feel like a kid in a candy shop. Finding a small shack near the back of the yard, she hurried over. Trying to open the door, it was lock, so she simply tore the door off, tossing it into one of the piles of scrap. Walking in with flashlight in hand, she found and opened a small breaker box, flicking on several switches. Light flooded the inside of the shack, and she turned outside, smiling as her new playground was well lit. Stepping outside, she did a few stretches, scanning around for her first target. Finishing, she found an old rusted pickup truck, near a pile of scrap. She walked over, and gave it a kick. She accidentally put a large dent in it, feeling it move significantly as she did. She grinned, squatting down and grabbing the front of the truck. She shook a bit as she slowly rose up, taking the truck upward as she began to stand up. With a hefty grunt, she stood up straight, lifting the end of the truck along with her. She smiled at the effort, and slowly moved under the truck, crouching down. Once she was under the center of the truck, she pushed up with all her might, and slowly stood up. With less effort than she expected, she eventually held the entire vehicle overhead! She looked up at her efforts, smiling wildly. With it still in hand, she decided to do a few more squats while she still had the truck in hand. Despite struggling a bit, she still felt as if an entire truck wasn’t enough, and carefully returned the truck to the ground.

Now with a bit of a pump, and the truck providing only an adequate workout, she glanced around for something to work out her arms with instead. She wandered around the scrapyard, finding that nothing really provided much of a challenge to her strength. Dismembered cars, she could easily yank them from their scrappy graves without much effort. Refrigerators and old heavy wooden furniture barely provided any challenge. Finding a heavy wooden dresser, she decided to have a bit of fun at the very least. Hoisting it up, she wrapped her arms around it as much as she could, and began hugging tightly into it. The wood barely gave any resistance and immediately began splintering. The dresser exploded into two pieces, wooden chunks flying everywhere and the two halves tumbling to the ground. She giggled at her handywork, happy that she didn’t have a single splinter or scratch to show as well. Smashing the dresser changed her perspective on her visit.

I’m here to burn off energy, not just work out!

She remembered a feat she heard about online, and decided with her blessing, she’d take it to a new level. Finding another junk car, she grabbed the wheel rim, ripping it out. She sat down in the dirt, placing the wheel rim between her thighs. She squeezed them, grunting as she slowly felt the rim give away to her muscular thighs. It deformed as she slowly clamped her thighs closed, her continuing to crush it until she could no more. Gasping for breath after the effort, she picked up the rim. It was deformed into a goofy looking squashed oval. She laughed at the sight.

“Maybe I should start a new trend online or something.”

She hurried back to the old pickup truck, a wild grin on her face as a new idea bubbled in her mind. She jumped at the truck, smashing her fists into the front of it. The hood completely caved in from the blow, the rest of the truck rocking forward. Ripping away the hood, she grabbed onto the engine tightly, feeling her grip slowly bending away the metal. With a few good tugs, she managed to rip the engine right out, stumbling back with the machine in her hands. She tossed it up and down as if it were a ball in her hands, and then hugged it. Every muscle in her arms went into overtime as she clamped down tighter and tighter onto it. Soon she felt her arms sink into it, and felt the entire engine deform as she squeezed tighter and tighter. Metal shrieked as she strained harder and harder, trying to crumple the engine as if it were an oversized soda can. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, straining her arms as much as possible, until she felt her arms close to her chest. She released the engine as it dropped to the ground, finding it bent awkwardly inwards with a large, arm-sized dent in the center. Sweating a bit, she smiled at her handiwork. Turning to the frame of the truck, another idea entered her mind. She grabbed the front of it again, towing it over to a large pile of scrap. Without the engine, it was surprisingly easier for her to flip it over, the top of it leaning against the scrap pile. With it propped up facing her, she took a deep breath, clenched her fists, and threw a punch at the center of the framework. It dented inward horribly, and she took a step back. She envisioned the flipped truck as an downed demon, just waiting to be finished off. She continued her barrage of several more punches, eventually punching a hole straight through it. She began tearing at the hole, making it larger and ripping out every part she could find. The shrieking of metal filled the air as she continued her assault of punches, kicks, and tearing parts out. After horribly abusing the machine, making it look like it had gone through multiple minefields, a new idea infiltrated her mind. She jumped on the truck, grabbing onto the front bumper. Feeling her fingers dig in, she pulled hard at it, feeling the already abused machine deform even more. The front of the car bent inwards more and more shrieking horidly. With a sudden snap, the front of the car ripped free, Joy tumbling backwards with it. She lost her grip, and the destroyed half tumbled away, crashing into another pile of scrap. Covered in dirt and dust, she got back to her feet, staring at her accomplishment wide-mouthed. She jumped happily, flexing her arms in victory.

“See that demons? That’s gonna be you! You just wait till I get my hands on you all!”

To further prove her point to her invisible demonic audience, she grabbed a nearby metal pole. She grunted and slowly bent the thing around, eventually bending it into the shape of a pretzel. She giggled at the work, and then tossed the thing aside.

“Maybe the Crusaders can let me play with their broken military equipment… I wonder if I can smash a tank with my bare hands!”

She froze when she heard the jingling of chains.

Shit, I did make a lot of noise, didn’t I?

She sprinted over to the shack, quickly flicking every breaker, and almost literally leaping over the back fence. She sprinted away, looking back as she saw a few flashlights light up, shining around the yard. She grinned.

I wonder what they’ll think happened.

Update: Work and School

So figured I’d write a quick thing here

With the spring quarter starting up, my time to work has kinda drastically decreased. Some days I’ll be at both my job and school, resulting in me spending almost 12+ hours away from home for around half the week, with the other half dedicated to catching up on homework. I’ve been rather exhausted as of late from all the work, and hitting some serious motivational humps regarding my writing and hope for readers and such

The long story short is, I can’t really guarantee a proper schedule anymore given all these factors. I can only really upload stuff when I can. Just wanted to update all my followers here, and I hope you all won’t mind

Posts or Page for chapters?

One thing I noticed for wordpress stuff is that if you make em via posts, wordpress promotes the story. Is it better to make separate pages for every chapter, or rather paste them in posts? I’m curious.


Pages are nice because I get a bit more flexibility with levels and links are easy, but posts are popped on the reader.

Update on progress


So Outta the way with that little short story thing, most of break is over, I kinda came down with an awful sickness around the end, but at least I managed to get out a kidna short story so this place doesn’t stale up too much

School starts up again tomorrow which is good, since I have access to their library some more which is a great writing place. Gonna get back to work on Chidetan Chapter 11, HOPEFULLY will be out either next sunday or in a few weeks as per usual.

Thanks for sticking around yall, hopefully you’ll all do well this spring as well.

The Infinty Station (Unfinished)

Making this a blog post and not official page since it’s kinda a more conceptual thing than actually complete. I have more planned, may or may not finish it in the future.

The earth date was December 31st, 2999. A great conference hall bustling with spectators and reporters geared up with cameras and tachyon transmitters, both having traveled several lightyears to attend. The crowd talked endlessly to each other, observing the massive transparent aluminium window at the end of the hall. It presented an endlessly starry landscape of space, dominated by a massive spherical distortion. Not to further in the distance was a stream of transport ships going to and from a city-sized space station, silently orbiting around the the distortion. The crowd’s chatter faded out as a well-dressed man walked up to a podium set up right in front of the window. He cleared his throat and leaned over towards the microphone.

“It has been centuries since humanity had finally breached the neverending expanse of space, achieving what our ancient ancestors could and could not imagine: Technological and medical marvels, skylines that towered miles into the sky, weapons that allowed us to tame any enviroment. These achievements need to be forever recorded, and that is what we are all here for, no? My dear compatriots, on the eve of the twenty-fourth century, we present humanity’s greatest technological marvel: The Immortality Station!”

Suddenly the window changed to a different screen, presenting the station more in focus. The crowd applauded and cheered.

“This will be a slice of our golden era, a station several square kilometers large to house replicas of our finest megacities and architecture, all the way down to furnishing, transportation, infrastructure, and so forth! A comprehensive armory of the greatest our military has to offer in both land and space! The finest of our blossoming robotics program, from service androids to combat droids, each to emulate daily life in the megacities! Lastly, and certainly the greatest, a detailed digital library of all of our events and discoveries, from human matters to xeno discoveries!”

The crowd continued to applaud and cheer, their voices resounding prominently off the hall walls.

“One of those discoveries is going to be the most decisive part in the Infinity Station’s mission! The key, my friends, involves the black hole we all observed before! When the earth-clock strikes midnight and 2400 begins, the station will maneuver into close orbit of the black hole, allowing it to travel through time. One minute for the station will be around one year for us, you see. We will send this slice of our golden era to the dawn of 2500, where we’ll likely see a similar conference! From there, who knows what they will do with this incredible museum? Historians could get a physical replica of how life was a century ago, in absolutely perfect condition no less! Perhaps this era could inspire the future generation to begin another golden age? Only time will tell my friends, and that station will have all the time in the galaxy!”

The crowd exploded into a roar, cameras flashing and tachyon transmitters displyaing images faster than light speeds to every home in every colony humanity had established. The man continued smiling and waving as the window suddenly changed to a massive clock, ticking down from twenty-nine minutes. The crowd chattered and cheered and struggled to get close to the man as he walked down from the stage, a few more threatening men in suits keeping the onslaught at a distance.


Fifteen minutes left on the clock. The armada of cargo ships was streaming continuously out at this point, every worker struggling to get every last weapon, vehicle, or piece of furniture onto the Infinity Station.


Ten minutes. The stream of ships had horribly thinned out. Only a single cargo ship moved towards the station. From its cockpit, a pilot dressed like every other cargo pilot noticed the comms panel light up, receiving a transmission from the administrator ship. He quickly tapped the screen.

“What the hell are you doing? We haven’t checked your cargo yet!”

The pilot spoke in a scratchy voice.

“I don’t think we have the time. Our ship had some engine issues along with a mix-up with the cargo we were supposed to deliver.”

“I said, get back here now!”
“I said, we don’t have any time! Last thing I think Mr. Jack wants to hear is about how his museum is incomplete, no?”


“Listen, I’m gonna save both of our asses from him and just have droids deliver what we need to where it needs to be, got it? I’ll get right in and out, he’ll be none the wiser about this little slip-up.”

“…Fine. We’re keeping this between us though, right?”

“No problem sir.”

With a quick tap he closed the comms.


Seven minutes. The ship landed in the now desolate cargo bay. The cockpit hatch popped open as the pilot hopped out, banging his fist on the side of the ship.

“Let’s get this all unloaded! You have one minute!”

The back hatch of the ship dropped open as three others rushed out, quickly unloading various boxes onto the cargo bay floor. The first was a lanky looking man with short black hair, wearing a large coat and baggy pants almost covering his work boots, hefting along a box that seemed too large for his stature. The next was a long brown-haired woman with a visibly strong build, wearing a tank top and cargo pants with combat boots, shoving along a large wheeled platform with a few cylindrical tanks stowed upon it. Last was a man with a bushy gray beard who wore a simple shirt and pair of shorts to reveal the fact that he had a robotic leg and arm along with an eyepatch, carrying a few bags over his shoulders and dragging along a small. They moved too and fro, unloading a small pile of containers, bags, and boxes all onto the platform. When the female placed the last box on the platform, a robotic voice resounded through the hangar bay.

“Five minutes until close orbital entry. All personnel, please clear from the station.”

The pilot turned to the lanky man.

“James, hurry up and do your thing.”

James nodded and hurried over to him, opening the door to the cockpit while taking a metal circuit-board looking device out of his jacket. He quickly pried a panel off from behind the joystick and quickly hooked it up. The ship’s engines roared to life as he scrambled out. It slowly hovered upwards, sealing all of the doors automatically, then shot out of the hangar bay. A few moments later, the ship combust into flames, a mess of debris, electronics, and a single charred corpse all sent flying in different directions. The pilot sneered at the sight.

“Three minutes to orbital entry. All ships, please depart immediately. Engaging radiation and stress shielding.”

The starry void slowly was blotted out by massive encroaching slabs of metallic shielding, both colliding with a deafening thunk. The pilot turned to the rest of his crew.

“We’re all set now. Let’s get a move on now, we’ve got fifty-three minutes!”

The group hurried towards one of the doorways leading deeper towards the station. The first of the doors automatically opened, but a second interior one refused to, a panel next to it flashing the message “Maneuvering procedures engaging. No access.” The pilot glanced back to the rest of the group.

“Marie, you’re up.”

“Yes Captain!” He stepped to the side as she reached into one of the bags, pulling out a handheld plasma cutter and pair of gloves. She moved towards the screen, firing up a stream of plasma from the cutter, moving it towards the edges of the screen. She deftly moved it around the edges of it and, with a strong tug, pulled it right off the walls, revealing a jungle of wires. With gloved hands, she dexterously searched through the mess, rearranging and unplugging a few wires. She pulled out a PDA from her pocket and hooked it up to the door, typing away. A few moments passed and the door suddenly hissed open. With a grin, she disconnected her PDA and shoved it back into her pocket, tossing the plasma cutter back from where she retrieved it.

“Good, but next time we need to be a bit faster. Let’s keep moving.”

The captain and his crew moved through a short corridor until they entered a small suburb stretching forth into an ever-expanding city. Each of the suburbs had a hover-transport parked out front and an automated android family, each one going through the motion of their pre-programmed average human life. Just over the roofs of several smaller houses were several dozen skyscrapers, each one bustling with the sounds of traffic both on land and zooming between each building. The captain turned to his crew once more.

“James, where to next?”

He brought out a PDA of his own and began scrolling through it.

“Yes um… According to the schematics, the city center should have a lift straight to the command center.”

The group suddenly felt the station slowly jerk.

“Think you can commandeer one of those transports?”

“It Should be no problem, I have a program to help us with that.”


Moments later, they were flying over the simulated city, observing the replication of life from the skies of the station.  From this distance, without seeing the droids’ obvious plastic skin as they wandered about the city, it almost looked real. Pulling in closer to his destination, carelessly crashing into and shoving aside a parked craft as he made his descent. Everyone unloaded quickly, rapidly taking every piece of equipment out of the trunk and hurried to the entrance, which was sealed by a few massive slabs of steel.

“Marie, can you handle this?”
She quickly swiped the PDA from James’s hand, scrolling through it for a few moments before handing it back.

“No can do captain. The thing is internally locked on a timer, won’t be open till it exits orbit of the black hole.”

“Fine then. Herman, you’re up next then.”

All of the crew except for the eyepatched one quickly moved several meters away behind a nearby building. Herman lugged some of the larger crates towards the door. After creating a nice stack of them, he took a drill from one of the bags, and drilled a fine hole in the bottommost crate. He next procured a spool of thin wire, sticking one of the ends in the crate and wheeling it back to where the rest of the crew was hiding. Lighting the fuse, the sparks ran all the way up towards the crate, resulting in a massive ball of flame and a shockwave the rest of the crew felt. As the smoke cleared, all that was left of the door was a smouldering hole. The pilot grinned.

“Good work as always!”

“No problem Drake.”

They hurried through the molten doorway into a rather nice looking reception area, decorated with a few artificial plants and a nice collection of furniture to house its would-be guests. The elevator opened automatically as they approached, the party easily entering the machine large enough to house around twenty people. Drake smacked the highest button on the panel and the door closed as it began to ascend rapidly. Moments later after the elevator made the all too familiar ding, the doors opened to a fairly large control center. Dozens of room-high computer towers dominated the walls, each of them having a console and monitor attached. At the end of the room against a window which looked out to the radiation plating sat what was obviously the command center. Marie and James hurried over to it, Marie quickly getting to work on one of the terminals as James hooked up his PDA to another. Herman simply sat atop the wheeled platform, resting against a few of the boxes, while Drake grinned, walking past each individual tower.

“Absolutely perfect… How much do you think a single one of these will be worth in fifty years?”

“More than enough for all of us I presume.”

“That’ll be just around enough for what I need! Along with a few souvenirs from here as well… How’s the progress coming you two? I want to browse what our prize has in store fully!”

Marie held up a single finger as she knelt below the terminal, removing one of the panels. James’s screen suddenly flashed green.

“Managed to crack the codes to the data archives. Here,” He tossed his PDA to Drake. “Just hook it up to any one of those data towers and you’ll have unhindered access.”

Marie held up her hand again. “James, get me another one of those PDA-things, I’ve tapped into flight controls. Just need to re-write it’s orders.”

He pulled another from his jacket and handed it to her. She plugged it into a tangle of wires all tied together with a simple string and tapped in a few lines of code.

“We’re all good here now, this thing is set to de-orbit in around forty-five minutes from now!”

Drake plugged the PDA into one of the towers. The screen lit up, welcoming him.

“Great job everyone. Now if you excuse me…” He scrolled through a few menus, selecting a menu that displayed several images of expensive and dangerous looking spacecraft. “I’m gonna go see what we can borrow from here once we get all of our money.”