Hina and Nitori go on a picnic. THE AMAZINGLY AWESOME CUTE STORY

The sun was up high in the sky, bright enough to pierce the thick treeline and atmosphere of the Youkai forest. Nitori Kawashiro hurried down a fairly neglected forest path, overgrown with leaves and several fallen branches big and small occasionally obstructing the way. Her backpack was overstuffed, even still carrying a decently sized blue and white box to her side, but that didn’t seem to slow her down much. After passing through a few more overgrown bushes, she reached a small wooden shrine which starkly contrasted with the path and surroundings. The grounds, despite still being dirt were swept clean of most leaves. Foliage was cleanly cut away from the walls, the surrounding trees were trimmed, and the shrine even had a neat arrangement of beautiful looking dolls waiting at the front as if to welcome new visitors. Nitori bounced up the steps and threw open the doors, to Hina Kagiyama quietly sweeping inside her shrine. She glanced up, smiling at the site.

“HINAAAA! Are you ready?”

“Oh yes! Please, hold on a moment.”

She walked over to another room, returning moments later with a much smaller wicker basket of her own.

“I’ve also made special arrangements for today. I’ve managed to get permission from Yuuka to eat at the Garden of the Sun. There’s a few lovely small clearings within the sunflowers!”

“That sounds great! I spent all week preparing for today, and I have a few surprises of my own!”

She turned around, showing off her backpack, along with jostling the strange blue and white box.

“Well, all my shrine work is done. Let’s get going soon before the sun goes away.”

“Maybe you should get a shrine maiden to do the work for you, like a rather active one as well. Then we can spend more time having fun!”

“Oh please, my job is too dangerous for humans. Although that is a nice thought…”

The two left the shrine, and walked the path together a bit, chatting and laughing with each other, until they reached a clearing in the forest. Both then took flight.


Nitori dropped her bag with a loud thump, kicking up quite a bit of dirt, while Hina was spreading out a large blanket, pinning down the corners with rocks. The sun had already passed its apex and already began its slow decline, but was still rather far from the mountains in the distance. All around them towered sunflowers, or at least they towered for Nitori, them being about twice her height. Despite that, she still loved the surroundings, and especially the lovely smell of sunflowers. Nitori brought her blue and white box to the center, placing it right next to Hina’s basket.

“Now this first neat thing is this box I found in the river the other day. Something amazing from the outside world, and perfect for a hot day like today.

She opened the top of it to reveal that it was full of ice. Dunked in the ice were several glass bottles filled with a dark brown liquid.

“Oh my, how did nothing in there melt?”

“I don’t know, but the outside world has some neat stuff.”

She pulled out one of the bottles and popped the top off of it, letting out a hiss, causing Hina to jump back a bit. Nitori offered the bottle to her.

“This is another treat we sometimes find. It’s something called a soda. I don’t think the sweetest tea in the world can compare to its taste!”

Hina took the bottle from her hand and took a drink. Her eyes bulged out a bit as she swallowed.

“Oh my th-this is really sweet! And cool! And bubbly? How did they do that…”

“I wish I knew. I remember also hearing how they made cucumber soda as well. I can just see it now!” She held her hands out into the air. “Nitori’s Soda Company!”

Hina took another drink of soda, giggling a bit in the process.

“Maybe you can sell them next to my shrine so I can get some visitors too! Now, we can’t just enjoy this with drinks alone!”

She opened up her basket and pulled out an assortment of fishes, beefs, vegetables, and specifically cucumbers.

“I grow these cucumbers specially in the back of my shrine you know, just for you!”

“Aw shoot Hina!”

Nitori charged over and gave her a hug, nearly tackling her.

“You’re the best!”

“N-now now, careful! Please, let’s enjoy our time here!”

“Are you implying I’m not!”

She held on a bit tighter. It wasn’t to long before she finally let go and began to munch on one of the cucumbers. Hina ate some of the food, happily chatting along with Nitori who was enthusiastically continuing to dig into the plethora of cucumbers. They talked about their going-ons, laughed together, told jokes, talked about others, Nitori mentioning how the wolf tengu would stop being so nosy all until most of the food was eaten and the sun was dipping behind the mountains.

“Well, this was a wonderful day. Guess we should start to get things packed up-”

“Hold up! We still gotta have dessert!”

Nitori ran over to her bag and pulled out quite a few strange small boxes. On the front of the boxes were written in a strange language, but what did stick out was the image of a delicious and moist looking brown pastry displayed on the front.

“The last surprise from the outside world. Now I’ve seen a few kappa make this before, it’s called cake. I found a box full of these floating down the river as well, and I didn’t know the outside world made them pre-made in boxes! It’s so sweet and moist, like a blessing to your taste buds.”

“That sounds so wonderful, here let me get a few plates!”

Hina hurried over and pulled a few more plates out of her basket and held them near Nitori. She tore the top of the box off and dumped them over the plate. Unfortunately, all that came out was a transparent bag filled with brown powder. Nitori paused for a moment, before her smile melted away.

“Aw dang it! I could have sworn this was some new…”

She looked at the box and looked at the back only to see what looked like a list on the back.

“I think this is like powder to make cake? Oh no…”

Hina giggled a little bit.

“Well, I guess I know what we’re going to do next time I have a day off from my duties.”

She smiled at Nitori before her face brightened up once again.


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