“Traffic is re-directed around the blocks. We have eyes on all streets, sewers, and rooftops. You’re all clear to engage Gloria.”

On the outside, there was nothing too out of the ordinary of this small city block. Several small homes mixed with a few apartment buildings dotted around. Subtlety, however, was how demonic gangs thrived. A rooftop across from where one of these single-story homes sat, a sniper team was positioned, carefully keeping watch on the front door. From the bottom of their sight, a jeep pulled in front of it.  

The man inside was sitting in his living room, enjoying a beer while watching TV. He heard a pounding over on the door. He glanced behind him, eyeing at his kitchen through the doorway. Seeing his table was clear, he hopped up, strutting over to the door in nothing but sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He stopped at a small cabinet on the way over, pulling out a pistol and shoving it in his back pocket.   

“Who’s there? You a solicitor or something?”

The door suddenly crashed open, the metal keylock tearing through the wood frame. The sight he saw caught him off guard for more reasons than one. Standing there was a woman his height. Long black hair flowed around her gorgeous face, makeup further accentuating her natural beauty. Her eyes looked devilishly at him, her lips a bright red. A little bit further down, however, is when he began to get scared. Right by her neck, she had visible trap muscles, and wide, muscular shoulders that outclassed his own. Further down, perky breasts sat atop her pectorals, both straining a red and gold-hemmed romper dress she wore. In fact, it wasn’t just at the breasts: Her entire dress looked like it could barely contain her powerful physique. Her breasts looked like they were straining the high-quality fabric, her biceps were clearly visible despite the long sleeves, stretched around them snugly. He could have sworn a deep cut six-pack was visible through them, her hips were wide with a sabre strapped to them, and by god, those legs. The twin pillars of strength that were her quads looked barely contained by the short legs of the romper. Her calves looked packed into military calf boots, the back of her romper flowing behind those legs like a cape. He couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol, but it seemed like her body was pulsing with power. Fortunately for him, reason snapped him out of his trance, and for good reason. That dress was a uniform for only one group in the city.

“We’ve collected a fair amount of evidence to trace demonic activity back to your home. Yes, we have a warrant. If you’re armed or there’s anything you wish to let us know before we conduct our search, please, do tell.” She spoke with a powerful tone.

He stared dumbfounded for a few moments, his brain fighting to keep the last bit of blood from heading south. He stomped past him, the last bit of his functional brain telling him to keep that gun out of her sight. 

“Uh… Weird how that happened. That has to be uh… A mistake?”

She stopped, turning around to face him once more. She puffed her chest out a bit, straining her dress even more. He could swear he heard a bit of ripping.

“Trust me, it’s impossible to make mistakes involving any sort of demonic activity. The only variable in this all is your complicity.”

“Yeah… I guess that’s how it works?”

She turned around and immediately went into his kitchen, literally tearing open every cabinet and throwing out cans and bags of food out of them. Shaking off her intimidation (or enticement?), he knew he had to do something fast. Below his fridge was a secret panel holding a demonic drug known as Bliss. It’s produced from sacrificing live humans, so only the gods truly knew what punishment one would get in for possession of it, let alone for the production. As she tore apart his dish cabinet, sweeping it out effortlessly, he reached for his gun. He’d never seen an Inquisitor this strong before, but no amount of muscle could make her bulletproof. Even if she was, he still had his failsafe guarding the package of Bliss. The moment he drew it, it was almost as if she was watching him the entire time. She spun around and dove towards him, grabbing ahold of his wrist. He screamed in pain and pulled the trigger, sending a bullet flying right over her large, beefy shoulders. She punched him in the stomach decisively, causing him to keel over onto the floor winded, with the gun dropped to his side.

“I told you to let me know if you had any weapons on you before I searched.” She said as she squatted down, her quads bulging out with the action. 

“Now since you’re clearly complicit, I suggest you tell me what you’re hiding here.” She kicked him onto his back, placing a boot on her chest. “Else I’ll make sure you won’t stand a fair trial.”

He scuttled around like a flipped torties, bewilderment taking over his face. He tried to reach for his gun which was a few painful inches out of reach. Pressure increased on his chest and he let out a scream, feeling his ribcage be pushed in by the inquisitor.


She took her boot off and lifted him by the shirt with one arm. Maybe it was the pain, but it looked like her bicep was starting to rip out of that tight sleeve.

“Thank you for your help. Now be a dear and wait for me to grab it for you.” She tossed him through the kitchen doorway onto his couch. In pain, he still mustered enough will to chuckle.   

“Bitch is gonna get what’s commin’ to her…”

She squatted down, grabbing the refrigerator from the bottom, and her legs and arms flared out as she grunted, slowly lifting the entire thing. Pulling it out from the wall, plug and all, she carelessly dropped it to the side. Down on the floor was exactly as the man said: A small miscolored patch of flooring with a handle on it. Pulling it open, however, yielded in an explosion of purple smoke, the blast still sending her flying back into the wall. The smoke retracted to where it came and formed a terrifying, four-armed clawed demon. It stood a few feet taller than her, it’s head scraping the roof. Dozens razor-sharp teeth rowed it’s mouth, hissing at her with what could be seen as an equally sharp tounge. The body of it was muscular as well, most of it protected by a carapace-like plating. She casually stood back up, drawing her sabre from its sheath. 

“Didn’t think I’d have to use this today. Begone, demon!” 

She launched forward, the demon seeing the obvious attack, and it hopped over to the side, crashing into the kitchen table. She followed up with another lunge towards the beast, aimed straight at its head, but it moved it out in just a nick of time, the sabre plunging itself into the table. Before she could yank it out, the beast swiped at her, forcing her to leap back. This time, it was the beast that lunged forward at her, but she caught it by one of its arms and swung the several-hundred pound creature into the wall. It crashed through the wall into the living room, smashing the last bits of life out of the now confirmed drug peddler. As the demon rushed back to its feet, the inquisitor had retrieved her sabre. She dashed forward and swung downwards, taking off one of the things arms. It screamed and it swiped forward, only to be met with another attack from her blade, taking off another. She smiled as the beast shrieked, scoffing. 

“You pitiful thing! To think you even managed to nearly land a blow on me…”  

Interrupted, the demon tackled her through the hole in the wall, wrestling with her hand to hand in the kitchen. The demon snarled and snapped at her as she strained to push away the beast. She welled up all her divine strength and kept pushing, her pecs beginning to visibly push her breasts forward even more. Her slowly swelled as she pushed harder against the beast, now finally making headway against it. A loud *shriiip* filled out the room as her pecks had pushed through the front of her dress, revealing only her bra. Her sleeves were the next to go, as her biceps pumped to sizes that would rival bodybuilders. She let out a furious yell as she shoved with all her might, her pecs pushing out one last time as she overpowered the demon. The beast flinched at this sudden burst of strength, and that moment of disarray was enough for the inquisitor to rear back her arm and punch right into the beast’s chest. Her divinely guided fist went right through it, the demon ceasing all activity as she did. Slowly, it dissolved into dust as the inquisitor sized, her muscles returning to normal size. She pulled a small radio from a back pocket in her dress. 

“I got the bliss. Get me a spare dress from the jeep while you’re at it.”

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